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  • When Choosing Laminate Flooring, It Is Important
    Release date: 2023-12-29 11:39:35  Sources of information: Xuzhou Shenghe Wood
    When consumers buy parquet flooring, they have a way to choose wood flooring. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand the method of purchasing wood flooring. Below, Xiaobian *** material, processing accuracy, surface paint film these three aspects to explain the method of wood floor purchase, I hope to help you who are buying wood flooring.
    First, the material
    Parquet is divided into three layers: surface, core and bottom. The surface layer is a wear-resistant layer, and varieties with hard texture and beautiful texture should be selected. The core layer and the bottom layer are balanced buffer layers, and the varieties with soft texture and good elasticity should be selected, but the key point is that the varieties of the bottom layer of the core layer should be consistent, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the stability of the structure of the floor.
    Second, the processing accuracy
    The biggest advantage of parquet is that the processing accuracy is high, therefore, when choosing parquet, we must carefully observe whether the splicing of the floor is tight, and there should be no obvious height difference between the two adjacent boards.
    3. Surface paint film
    The parquet should be made of high-grade UV matte paint, which is cured by ultraviolet light, and its wear resistance is very good. Another key indicator is matteness, the brightness of the floor should be considered first, soft, elegant, and non-irritating to the eye.

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