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  • How To Remove Water-Based Floor Wax To Delight Sol
    Release date: 2023-12-10 11:37:27  Sources of information: Xuzhou Shenghe Wood
    It is easy to deflorate the floor when waxing the solid wood floor by yourself, the solid wood floor at home is due to not mastering and controlling the drying time of various waxes or missing the best polishing time, most of the spray bottle wax is sold on the market, the drying time of this wax is 1-3 minutes, if you only play a small area, if you need to wax a large area of solid wood flooring, you may play solid wood flooring because of lack of experience.
    What should I do with the wax once the floor wax has been smeared? The treatment method of Xinfa smart buckle solid wood floor is to use a wax remover, and the wax that has been beaten can be removed and then re-played. It is important to remember that you should not use gasoline to remove wax, as this will affect the hardwood floor.
    After needing to remind consumers to choose better quality wax products, and for waxing experienced consumers can use natural wood wax is also beeswax to maintain solid wood floors, wood wax is very easy to use, do not have to worry about the phenomenon of flowers, and it is also suitable for novices.
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