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    Release date: 2024-1-3 11:40:30  Sources of information: Xuzhou Shenghe Wood
    The basic function of the enterprise is innovation. 
    If the cabinet industry is just blindly imitating and copying other people's styles and technologies, or in the form of price wars to seize the market to obtain benefits, rather than to enhance their core competitiveness and have core technology, then this situation will eventually come to an end. Serious homogenization is a serious drawback in this industry, so cabinet companies should understand the importance of innovation, and adhere to the road of independent innovation and independent research and development is sustainable and feasible.
    If an enterprise wants to develop, then it must insist on doing a good job in innovation and marketing, which is the basic function of the enterprise. Innovation is to inject fresh blood into the enterprise and give the enterprise an inexhaustible driving force for development. However, innovation also means that a certain amount of money needs to be invested, and there is still a certain risk, which is why many enterprises dare not innovate, no capital innovation, and are in an awkward position in the market.
    Consumers have more demand for products
    Now the post-80s and post-90s generations have gradually become the main force of market consumption, and compared with their parents, their thoughts and concepts have also changed greatly, and the consumption concept is more personalized. Not only do they demand good quality, durability, environmental protection and safety, but they also have many new requirements, such as: personality, fashion, color matching, and coordination with the overall decoration style.
    According to the relevant data of the survey, more and more consumers now demand that the style of products be unique and can reflect their own personality. Moreover, the design of the product is required to be compatible, which puts forward high requirements for the production and design of the enterprise. Enterprises should do a good job of strict control on quality, choose good materials in health and environmental protection, and more importantly, the design should meet the pursuit of taste and style of young consumer groups.
    At present, while the rapid development of domestic cabinet enterprises, it has also continuously revealed the shortcomings in product design and enterprise innovation, which is also the serious homogenization of products and the intensification of the market. In the face of such a severe situation, it is an irreversible trend to accelerate the transformation of the cabinet industry, but this is not only a matter of funds, but also a matter of scientific and technological innovation.
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