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    Release date: 2024-1-5 11:40:48  Sources of information: Xuzhou Shenghe Wood
    In the world where naturalism is popular, light-colored solid wood flooring is becoming more and more popular among owners and has become the mainstream product in today's building materials market. Industry insiders believe that solid wood flooring has the characteristics of durability and easy cleaning, while light colors give people a fresh, bright and warm feeling, which is more favored by consumers than dark solid wood floors that appear dull. Looking at the wood flooring specialty stores in the building materials market, there are shades of color, but it seems that there are more light colors. With the continuous innovation of technology, there are various patterns and color splices of light-colored flooring, whether it is modern and simple or rustic-style decoration, light-colored solid wood flooring and furniture have more space. The dark wood flooring, which was used to be preferred, looked solid but also dull. The light-colored wood floor, a little less dull, but a little more sunny and vibrant, the wood grain is clearly visible, mainly natural and quiet, giving people a bright, warm and peaceful feeling, it represents a kind of transparency and open-mindedness without distance.
    Currently, laminate flooring, parquet flooring, and parquet flooring are available on the market. Solid wood flooring has natural material color, good visual effect, good elasticity, good foot feel, easy to clean and renovate, coupled with moderate price, it is more and more popular with consumers. The demand for individuality has increasingly become the mainstream of today's life, and the choice of flooring is of course no exception.
    Industry insiders said that the quality assurance of wood flooring has become the most basic requirement, on the basis of ensuring the stable function of solid wood flooring, the visual experience of the floor will be more and more valued, and now the owners are more emphasizing the choice of distinctiveness, with antique solid wood flooring, embossed solid wood flooring, handmade solid wood flooring as the representative of the personalized solid wood floor will be more favored, and some assembly, parquet, spelling process solid wood floor is also recovering.
    Visuals are important, but consumers never give up on the two themes of brand and environmental protection when buying wood flooring. The brand represents not only strength, but also cultural connotation; In recent years, consumers have paid more attention to environmental protection, especially after the toxic wood flooring incident, consumers have paid more attention to environmental protection.
    It is understood that due to the natural characteristics of the wood itself, the solid wood floor basically does not contain harmful substances, and the paint on its surface should be concerned. At present, most of the solid wood flooring uses PU and UV paint, both of which are chemically synthesized and contain some harmful substances, but as long as they do not exceed the standard, they will not cause harm to the human body.
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