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  • Grasp The Key Points Of Wood Flooring And Furnitur
    Release date: 2024-1-9 11:41:01  Sources of information: Xuzhou Shenghe Wood
    The paint coating of parquet basically maintains the natural color charm of wood, and the color system is relatively simple, which can be roughly divided into red, brown and yellow. Parquet colors can be matched with all common furniture and popular furniture upholstery panels. So. What should I pay attention to when matching parquet with furniture? Let's take a look!
    First, the same color matching
    If you choose brown and white inlay furniture, you can use brown teak and two-winged bean solid wood flooring to match, choose solid wood furniture that imitates mahogany, and you can use red red wood and balsam pea flooring to match the color. The same color matching, the decoration style is rigorous, orderly and atmospheric.
    Second, the near-color system matches
    If you choose furniture with black walnut veneer, you can use brown big goa beans, birch, and green mulberry flooring to match the colors. The color is matched, and the decoration style is lively, harmonious and delicate.
    3. Matching of contrasting colors
    If you choose dark red antique furniture, some fashionable families will choose light yellow maple flooring color. The color of this flooring is yellow to white, which creates a harmonious contrast with the deep red furniture. Contrasting color matching, in principle, should be used with caution, color matching must have a professional vision or ask experts to check, color matching should not only have a strong contrast effect, but also have a harmonious effect.
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