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  • Discussion On The Causes Of Common Bubbling And De
    Release date: 2024-1-13 11:42:01  Sources of information: Xuzhou Shenghe Wood
    I often hear others mention that plywood often has bubbling or degumming problems during hot pressing or use, which is also one of the more common problems in the use of plywood. Exploring the causes of plywood problems can help to quickly analyze and solve problems, and promote plywood to better serve our lives.
    There are many reasons for the problem of blistering and degumming of plywood, mainly focusing on the selection of veneer, the selection of gluing solvent and the control of hot pressing time. Plywood is made of multi-layer veneer hot pressed, and the excessive moisture content of the veneer and insufficient drying will lead to blistering of the plywood. Too much of the gluing solvent is coated, or the gluing temperature and time beyond the gluing solvent will affect the use of the plywood. Therefore, the corresponding solution measures are to consider the selection of veneer with suitable water content and the correct gluing method.
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